Kuril Islands with Aurora Expeditions - Sylvia Earle - August 29 to September 12, 2022

    Draped across the north Pacific Ocean from Hokkaido, Japan, to Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, the 22 islands and 30 islets of the Kuril Islands form a necklace of active volcanoes and sea-sculpted coastlines waiting to be explored.

    Nutrient-rich waters washing this ‘Pacific Rim of Fire’ teem with marine life, from sea otters to harbour seals, Steller sea lions to orcas, Dall’s porpoise to beaked and sperm whales. The islands form a natural ‘flyway’ for migratory birds including both horned and tufted puffins, whiskered and rhinoceros auklets and exquisite little murrelets. You’ll Zodiac into flooded calderas, beneath soaring bird cliffs, to landings where brown bears fish for salmon. The fittest may even attempt to attempt to climb a volcano. Every day brings new adventure. 

    Aurora Expeditions requires all embarking crew, Expedition Team and our guests to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to embarking on any of its cruises.

    Full vaccinations must occur four weeks prior to the embarkation date of the voyage and proof of vaccination will be required to be provided to Aurora Expeditions in advance of the voyage. Additionally, guests will be required to bring a printed copy of their proof of vaccination documentation to board.

    Vaccinations acceptable are those that have been approved by the CDC in the USA, the UK and European Authorities and these vaccines are limited to: Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Covishield and AstraZeneca.


    Additional vaccines will be included as we understand their efficacy. We will continue to update our protocols for all operating voyages in accordance with relevant government and international regulations and jurisdictions.