Russian Arctic

    Small-Ship Expeditions to the Russian Arctic, including Franz Josef Land, Novaya Zemlya, and the Kara Sea

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    Lindblad Expeditions is deeply committing to remote wild places. Over 50+ years of exploring, Lindblad Expeditions’ veteran staff and the quality companionship they provide has established the company’s reputation.

    From expedition leaders to naturalists, most hold advanced degrees and are established authorities in their fields. Some join a few expeditions each year to explore the same sites, some of them spending some time in the field away from rigorous academic work. And others lead expeditions all around the world—with many guests saying, “Where you’re going, we’re going,” and returning time after time to travel with them.

    Lindblad-National Geographic alliance offers valuable resources, as well—top tier National Geographic photographers who accompany every voyage aboard  National Geographic Endurance ,  National Geographic Explorer , and  National Geographic Orion . Whether you are a camera-phone user, or an advanced photographer, you’ll have unprecedented opportunities to get tips and on-site guidance from top pros—in the field where and counts. On select sailings, National Geographic experts may also join to offer on-site guidance, providing insights from varied, interesting backgrounds. Each wild corner of the planet Lindblad Expeditions sails to offers different and unique experiences, so each voyage sails with a different and unique team. Every team member is a top pro in their field or under the mentorship of one. They are personable, and most have been exploring the region you’re sailing to for decades.

    You’ll find that going to the planet’s wildest places tends to attract some of the most interesting people. Passion and enthusiasm are endemic, and guests often comment how the staff seems just as excited as they are over a pod of killer whales hunting for seals on the ice floes or the antics of a pair of polar bear cubs with their mother. The expedition team members are active participants in the traveler’s experience, not just passive lecturers, and they are always willing to engage, to continue the conversation over a drink in the lounge, or dinner, or on the Bridge. 

    • Exploring the Russian Arctic - Franz Josef Land & The Kara Sea - on board National Geographic Endurance (126 guests). Duration: 23 days. Prices start at 26,680 USD per person, based on double occupancy.
    • Across the Bering Sea: From Katmai to Kamchatka - on board National Geographic Orion (102 guests). 22 days. Prices start at 27,990 USD per person, based on double occupancy. (Note: Russian Tourist Visa is Required)