A focus on Japan - Bespoke Luxury

    A private and immersive experience: Japan in the Springtime

    Bespoke Travel - a trip made entirely for you

    The Advantages of such as trip is that we can make this trip exactly as you wish. You can pick which hotels you stay in; the cities you visit; how your travel between destinations; and the experiences you'll enjoy.

    Here is an example of an itinerary that focuses on the cherry blossom season.

    Experience the best of Southern Japan with this charming 8-day luxury itinerary, taking in Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Hiroshima as well as cultural icons such as Himeji Castle, cherry blossoms and Kobe beef. Stock up on electronics in the world’s technology epicenter, then soak in the incredible views from Mount Misen of Hiroshima below.


    SAKURA: Osaka Castle, Kyoto's Philosopher's Walk and Himeji Castle are prime cherry blossom viewing locations, perfect for a photography session, and best followed by the picnicking tradition of hanami in a local park.

    GEISHA DINNER: Enjoy a rare cultural experience as you savor a traditional Japanese meal served by geisha - an opportunity not often afforded even to affluent Japanese.

    MODERN HISTORY: Reflect on a key chapter of world history with a poignant visit to Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park.

    FOOD & DRINK: Learn how rice wine is made and sample authentic sake at a local brewery in Kobe (then wash it down with some decadent Kobe beef).

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    DAY 1

    OSAKA »

    Fly into Osaka to begin your Japanese adventure! The city is a cultural mecca and the perfect way to start your holiday. Rest up for a big day of traveling tomorrow. 


    DAY 2

    OSAKA »

    Familiarize yourself with local culture as you tour Osaka’s National Museum of Art. Home to the famous tapestry, “The Lady and the Unicorn,” this museum also houses several rare jewels. Gain an entirely new perspective as you tour the Museum of Oriental Ceramics and view the intricately-designed porcelain for which the region is so famous. Dive into marine life (while staying dry, of course) as you explore the Osaka Aquarium. The aquarium is one of the largest public aquariums in the world. 


    DAY 3

    OSAKA »

    During springtime, marvel at the unmatched beauty of the blooming cherry blossom trees. Their fragrant smell has inspired hundreds of perfumes the world over. Stark white walls contrasting with vibrant red roofs make the Osaka Castle a stunning sight with traditional importance. Tour the 13 structures at the castle that played a main role in Japan’s unification. Watch a traditional Japanese puppet show at one of the only theaters that still hosts this cultural entertainment - the National Bunraku Theater. 

    DAY 4

    KYOTO »

    Travel on to Kyoto, another culturally rich and important city. Built in 798 AD, the Kiyomizu-dera Temple is a must-see. One of the features of the “Historic Monument of Ancient Kyoto,” the temple is an independent Buddhist Temple and UNESCO site. Next, visit the villa-style ancient Kikaku-ji Temple, the Deer Garden Temple. The temple sits next to a beautiful lily pond. Spend the night at your luxury Kyoto hotel. 


    DAY 5

    KYOTO »

    A cherry-tree lined canal in Kyoto is the perfect setting for a stroll on the city’s “Philosopher’s Walk.” Nishida Kitaro, a Japanese philosopher working at the nearby university, is believed to have taken this picturesque walk to work everyday. Nestled in the foothills of the east, Nanzen-ji Temple and its expansive grounds are your next destinations. The temple has a stunningly beautiful, traditional Karesansui garden. That night see a beautiful, quiet side of Japanese culture as you attend a Geisha dinner. Westerners have only recently been permitted to witness this intimate and unique side of Japanese culture.  

    DAY 6

    KOBE »

    Travel to Kobe, a bustling metropolitan city along the coast. Here you will peruse the Himeji Castle - a postcard-perfect castle set atop a green hillside overlooking the city. The castle is the ideal image of Japanese architecture. Next, enjoy happy hour at the Sake Brewery where the famous rice wine is made. Learn about the brewing process and judge for yourself if the sake taste better freshly-made. Visit the Earthquake Memorial Museum and take a moment to remember all those affected by the destruction of the 1995 earthquake that took the lives of over 5,000 people. 


    DAY 7


    The final stop on your journey is the WWII site of Hiroshima. Catch an incredible view of the heritage site from the top of Mount Misen, a holy landmark in the city. Rest your legs as you take a streetcar tour of the city and learn about the destruction and aftermath caused by the WWII atomic bomb. Continue your day of remembrance as you take a Peace Memorial Tour.


    DAY 8


    Your journey chasing spring foliage across southern Japan comes to a close today. Relax this morning until your private transfer to the airport for your journey onward.