Mighty St. Lawrence - Small-Ship Expedition

    Mighty St. Lawrence - Small-Ship Expedition

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    Your personal voyage of discovery Explore and learn about new lands and peoples as you experience the rich cultures and fascinating landscapes we sail to. Take the road less travelled and enrich your perspective during visits to communities, natural habitats, and historic sites that can be otherwise difficult to reach. Our expeditions are designed to be flexible and allow us to make the best of Mother Nature’s conditions. We often make landfall at new places and are able to share new discoveries and local knowledge with you. Your voyage will be marked with thoughtful discussions, expert interpretation, and the spirit of discovery.

    Get off the ship, get into a Zodiac

    Cruise among icebergs; search for marine mammals; visit an outport community; wander remote coastlines… simply enjoy the freedom of being out on the water daily! Our goal is to get you off the ship as often as possible. Zodiacs free us from the dependency on ports, piers, and other built infrastructure. These safe, stable, versatile boats take you where the action is.

    Learn from passionate experts

    Why would an esteemed Canada Research Chair, for example, travel with us on a working vacation? It’s simple: they can’t resist the opportunity to engage, excite, educate, and enlighten you! Make the most of every learning opportunity, aboard and ashore, in geology, botany, marine biology, archaeology, photography, cultural history, and more! Our hand-picked experts are as excited as you are to be on board. Join them on deck searching for wildlife, share daily meals for personal indepth conversations, participate in workshops, attend presentations, and learn on the land. The Adventure Canada team has a deep love for discovery, learning, exploration, and growth, and is at your service.

    Experience local culture and traditions

    From Arctic communities to the fishing villages of former New France, to the outports of Newfoundland and Labrador, we embrace local music, dance, food, language, and traditions, everywhere we go! Expedition travel isn’t just about what you see, or where you go. It’s who you meet and get to know.

    Wildlife encounters

    Daily excursions with expert guides put you where you are most likely to see wildlife: whales and seabirds in Atlantic Canada; muskox, seals, and polar bears in the High Arctic. Whether viewing on deck, in the Zodiac, or learning during our presentation series, you’ll come away with an appreciation for the fine creatures that inhabit our world. Our best practices ensure the safety and integrity of the wildlife we have the privilege to view.


    • Explore the unique history of New France

    • See hundreds of thousands of seabirds nesting at Bonaventure Island

    • Cruise Percé Rock by Zodiac for unbeatable views

    • Seek the thirteen species of cetaceans found in the Gulf of Saint Lawerence

    • Visit three provinces—Québec, PEI, and Newfoundland—and the French island of Saint-Pierre

    • Learn about Mi’kmaw culture on a community-hosted visit to Lennox Island First Nation

    • Discover the rich cultural heritage and stunning red sandstone cliffs of the Magdalen Islands

    • Immerse yourself in the rich culinary traditions of French Canada through Adventure Canada’s Taste of Place culinary program


    Founded in 1608 by Champlain, the beautiful city of Québec is the capital of the province of the same name. Predominantly Frenchspeaking, Québec retains strong European influences in architecture, cuisine, and culture—a truly a fascinating city to explore! We meet in Québec City and travel by coach to the charming community of Tadoussac, where we will board the Ocean Endeavour.


    At the mouth of Saguenay Fjord, along the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River estuary, salt water meets fresh water. In the morning we will explore Tadoussac, once an Innu sealing camp, and later—in 1599—the site of the first trading post in what is now Canada. In the afternoon we'll cruise Saguenay Fjord National Park, searching for the fin, minke, blue, and beluga whales known to frequent these nutrient-rich waters.


    Weather permitting, we’ll visit the famed Reford Gardens, a National Historic Site. Scenic walks wind among 15 distinct gardens offering more than 3,000 species and varieties of flowers and plants. The expansive site includes art installations, sculptures, a museum, and a restaurant.


    The spectacular natural sculptures of the Mingan Islands are formed of limestone, shaped by the action of the sea. At 50° N, these islands owe as much to the north as to the east for their character. Atlantic puffins and Arctic eiders vie for the attention of birders, while harp, harbour, and grey seals cavort in the waters. Not to be outdone, the flora of the islands is wildly diverse, including 450 plant species, 190 lichens, and 300 mosses!


    The Gaspé Peninsula (Gaspésie) separates the mouth of the Saint Lawrence estuary from Baie de Chaleur. Remnants of the Appalachian mountain chain form stunning sea cliffs here, jutting above the tree line. Forillon National Park is an important bird and marine mammal habitat, with excellent hiking, including a walk to Canada’s tallest lighthouse. Grande-Grave National Heritage Site tells the story of the fishing families who once made their homes here.


    Today we'll visit Parc National de l’Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé, where we'll enjoy a Zodiac cruise of Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island. Percé Rock is a huge natural arch within a mass of reddish limestone and sandstone, with a large sea stack at one end. Thousands of northern gannets and other seabirds nest at nearby Bonaventure Island.


    Prince Edward Island is a realm of rolling hills, wooded glades, ocean coves, and famously red soil. Canada’s smallest province, often abbreviated to PEI, retains a slow-paced lifestyle in its small, rural settlements. The island gained international fame by Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. We'll call in at the province's iconic sites and visit Lennox Island First Nation.


    Though a part of Quebéc, the Magdalens (Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine) in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence are closer to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Approximately 12,000 residents live on the archipelago. Dramatic red sandstone cliffs are among the most striking features of the Magdalen Islands. We will overnight here and spend two days exploring the robust Acadian heritage, culture, cuisine, and language of the islands. Look for handicrafts, seafood, and local wines and beers!


    Fjords, cliffs, and islands offer excellent Zodiac cruising territory—and hiking may be an option as well. We’ll be watching for puffins and other seabirds, and of course, keeping a close eye out for whales.


    Just off the shores of Newfoundland lie the islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon—an official territory of the French Republic. We will have an opportunity to explore the charming, colourful town of Saint-Pierre. French food, wine, and shopping await! There we end our expedition by joining our charter flight to St. John’s, NL.

    Optional one night sailing

    Spend the morning and afternoon touring the town of Saint-Pierre. In the early afternoon you will embark the Ocean Endeavour and sail across to St. John’s, NL on a one-night sailing. We will not have any landings, but will enjoy a fun onboard program with music and entertainment, and have a chance to look for seabirds and marine wildlife en route to St. John’s. $400 USD per person.