Adventure-seekers looking to get off the beaten path are in for a real treat with this two-week journey through Siberia, Western Mongolia and Northern China.

Starting in Russia, you’ll venture through the vast Altai Mountains - a range shared between Siberia, Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan. Starting in Gorno-Altaisk, you'll head to Inegen via the Karakol Valley and spend a day at Mt. Belukha. From here, it's down to Kosh-Agach and across the border to Mongolia's Ölgii, followed by Altantsögts, Tsambagarav Mountain, Khovd and a ger camp on the Bulgan River. Crossing over into China, you'll reach Fuyun and explore Keketuohai National Park before finishing up your trip in the city of Urumqi. The trip allows time to see the traditions of local communities, and is perfect for those whose idea of a good time is to venture through rocky deserts and tackle towering mountains.

  • LANDSCAPES: Discover the breathtaking Altai Mountains from various perspectives (and through the lens of three different nations), exploring peaks and valleys by road, on foot and even by helicopter.
  • HERITAGE: The Altai's rich history is layered with ancient civilizations, Silk Road trade routes, migrations and conquests, border movements and formations, as well as the enduring "living legacy" cultures of the region's many ethnic groups.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Stays at private ger camps within communities of Kazakh eagle hunters and nomadic Mongol Torguud tribes uncover a deeper level of cultural experience.

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