People travel solo for so many different reasons. And in today’s ever-changing world and constantly shifting travel landscape, there may be more reasons than ever to set out on your own.

However, going completely solo can be intimidating - it’s nice to have the security of knowing you’re in good company, while not always actually being on top of each other. This is where a solo escorted tour comes in. And specifically, JustYou, a leader in the solos market for over a decade with over 150 tours to over 60 countries. 

You’ll benefit from all the expertise, planning and guiding of a reputable tour company. Yet, while you’re “traveling” with up to 30 other people (often less), you will be encouraged and welcomed to spend your days as you wish, socializing when you want to with no expectations, when you don’t. You can sign up for optional tours or tour on your own within a destination. There is something inherently satisfying about being able to share the experience with like-minded travellers or in discussing your day’s special moments with a fellow traveler at day’s end - the sharing of these memories heightens your overall experience. 

Why Should I Choose a Solo Escorted Tour?

You’ll explore and discover more in an organized tour than you would on your own. All of the transportation and guides to those “must see, out of the way” places are handled for you. And don’t worry … just because you are traveling solo does not mean you’ll be entering a young singles scene. JustYou escorted tours for solo travelers are designed for the more mature clientele, where the focus is on friendship and traveling alongside like-minded individuals with a wide range of interests. 

Generally, we find that the average age of the solo traveler is 55 years old and approximately 80 percent of those travelers are women. One of the most common concerns for solo travelers is whether or not you’ll get your own room. With JustYou, you always get your own room. There is no single-supplement.

As for the level of activity, it’s up to you. There are different travel styles associated with each tour. If you let us know the tour type you are interested in, we can provide a list of the available tours, dates, and pricing that fall into that category, as well as information on travel restrictions and visa requirements. We also take care of all booking arrangements, flights, optional activities, and pre- or post-tour extensions.

  • Active tours require a high level of fitness or mobility. They include plenty of walking. Two in particular are Walking the Camino de Santiago; and walking the Amalfi Coast
  • Classic Touring is the most traditional and popular, staying in a completely new hotel every few days.  Examples are Prague, Vienna & Budapest; and Picturesque Portugal
  • Cruising options are also available for some destinations, such as Croatia (sleep on board) or St. Lucia (sleep in hotels)
  • Leisurely Touring is for those that enjoy staying in one or two hotels while still packing a lot in. Highlights of Tuscany and Secret Slovenia are two of the many leisure tours available
  • Relax and Discover range of tours offer a slower pace of tour, centred around one hotel, with the perfect balance of relaxation and exploration. Croatia’s Istrian Coast and Lake Como, Lake Maggiore & Bernina Express are tours that fall into this category

While most journeys are 7 nights in duration, some are 11 to 15 nights in duration.

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

In addition to an expansive list of European countries, JustYou has itineraries in: 

  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • India
  • Namibia
  • Peru
  • South Africa
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • Ecuador
  • Japan
  • New Zealand, and
  • St. Lucia

Machu Picchu, Peru

Want more inspiration? Check out these amazing tours around the world for solo escorted travel experiences. While this is from 2020, you’ll get the idea. Then, let’s chat.  You can sign up to schedule a consultation or sign up for my weekly newsletter for more inspiration.