With solo travel on the rise, more and more travel companies are catering to those seeking their “me time” in a new locale. While at first it may seem that a solo traveler may wish to remain anonymous by joining a large group into which they can seamlessly blend, in fact, many solo travelers are joining smaller like-minded groups. Small, sociable cruise ship or expedition cruise companies allow solo travelers to harness their courage to travel to a far-flung place, knowing that they’ll have the peace of mind that comes with expert guides and other passengers with similar interests. 

Do you have your sights set on a solo adventure, but wouldn’t mind a few like-minded new friends along for the ride? Here are our favorite small-ship cruise companies for individual travelers and their “fine print”:  

Adventure Canada 

Solo Strengths: 

  • Room share program (if no roommate is found, fee is waived) 
  • Free Single Supplement can be combined with Multi-Trip Promotion, League of Adventurers Loyalty Rewards Program and Early Booking Bonus promotions when sailing on June to October sailings (subject to cabin availability) 
  • There are a limited number of designated solo-occupancy cabins (once sold out, single supplement is 1.5 to 1.7 times the berth cost of having your own room) 


Solo Strengths: 

  • Singles may book a dedicated single-occupancy cabin with no single-supplement fee, or book a twin cabin for single use with an added 85% supplement fee added to the per-person rate on porthole and veranda cabins on Magellan Explorer, twin cabins on Ocean Nova, and window and promenade suites on Hebridean Sky (100% supplement applies to all other categories)
  • Cabin-share program with same gender on Magellan Explorer, Ocean Nova and Hebridean Sky (cabin type varies)

G Adventures 

Solo Strengths: 

  • Cabin shares (no solo cabins) with roommate of same gender
  • Solo supplements as follows (Norway, 1.6 x per person rate; Arctic, 1.7 x per person rate; Antarctica 1.7 to 1.75 x per person rate) 


Solo Strengths: 

  • Variety of ships ranging from 318 to 628 guests, including the new hybrid-powered vessels that hold 530 (500 in polar regions)
  • No single supplement on a number of sailings, for a limited booking window 

Lindblad Expeditions

Solo Strengths: 

  • Ships ranging from 48- to 148-guest capacity
  • Nine dedicated single cabins on the National Geographic Endeavour II, cruising year-round in the Galapagos 
  • Limited cabin-share program 

Quark Expeditions

Solo Strengths:

  • Solo cabins available on Ultramarine and Ocean Diamond
  • Ocean Adventurer and World Explorer may be booked as a twin for solo use at 70% cabin cost 
  • Cabin-share program with same gender, which eliminates single supplement (if roommate not found, fee will be waived) 


Solo Strengths: 

  • New Silver Origin purpose-built for the Galapagos, with just 100 guests; Silver Explorer for polar travel with just 140 guests; and Silver Cloud for polar travel with 200 guests 
  • Low single-supplement policy, between 10% and 25%
  • Welcome champagne reception exclusive for those traveling independently 

Ready for your solo small-ship cruise adventure? Let’s chat.