Yes, it’s true … good things come in small packages. And when it comes to travel, this makes a destination even more of a gem because even with just a week or two, you can dive right in and immerse yourself in the authentic local culture. Case in point: marvelous Montenego. Here’s why we love it and some of the best tours you can take there.

Why You Should Make Your Way to Montenegro 

Beautiful Nature 

While Croatia has held the crown of most popular stretch of Adriatic coastline for some years now, Montenegro has a secret - this section of shoreline might be even prettier than Croatia’s. As you move along the coast, you’ll pop into one adorable village after another. While there are certainly plenty of sun-splashed beaches to choose from, this tiny Balkan state offers some of the best hiking in Europe. Trek on Prokletije, Komovi and Rumija mountains or explore in Durmitor National Park. With its lush mountainsides, rugged canyons and rushing rivers, Montenegro is an active traveler’s dream.

Charming Towns

The best of the old towns in Montenegro are those that sit along the seaside. Don’t miss Kotor, an ancient walled Venetian town that is literally tucked into a mountainside. For a stunning view of the Bay of Kotor, head up to the San Giovanni Fortress above town. In Budva, you’ll experience 2,500 years of history, an interesting juxtaposition to the coastal town’s reputation as a buzzing seaside resort. The beaches here are some of the best in the country. If you prefer a quieter scene, head to Perast, a sleepy hamlet where crumbling stone palaces have been transformed into upscale hotels and restaurants. From here, you can see the Verige Strait and the two island churches, Our Lady of the Rocks and Saint George. 

Fantastic Food 

If you fancy yourself a foodie, you’ll love Montenegro. The sheer variety of cuisine is a delight unto itself. Of course, with its seaside setting, you’ll find hearty seafood dishes on just about every menu, but these are typically complemented by plenty of homemade local specialties. A few to try: 

Njegusi Proscuitto: Named for the town it’s created in, this thinly sliced delicacy - best enjoyed with local cheese or cooked with cabbage - gets its addictive flavor from the climate and altitude of Njegusi. It’s a lengthy process to get to the end result: three weeks of salt packing, followed by three more weeks of drying, followed by four months of smoking.

Buzara: Especially found along the coast, this sumptuous seafood dish includes shellfish, prawns and shrimp cooked in red or white sauce. The red sauce is a tantalizing concoction of red wine, onions, tomatoes, herbs and spices, while the white sauce, made with white wine, is considered a culinary art form.

Ispod Saca: If you’ve worked up an appetite after a day of walking, tuck into a meal of ispod saca, basically a hearty Sunday dinner. The tender meat - veal, lamb or goat - has been slow-roasted alongside potatoes, carrots, onion, tomato, with a sprinkle of paprika, resulting in a succulent and well-deserved feast. 

What Shouldn’t I Miss in Montenegro? 

Entranced by this small Balkan destination? Together, we can peruse the various small-group tour options that will make the most of your time here and encompass these can’t-miss spots:  

  • Lady of the Rocks
  • Blue Cave
  • Durmitor 
  • Tara Canyon
  • Medurec River
  • Lovcen National Park 
  • Sveti Stefan Beach

And more! 

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